The odissey of Minorcans


In 1768, under British rule, more than a thousand Menorcan people were cheated by a powerful, dark, Scotish doctor, Andrew Turbull, who asked them to follow him to Florida where they would settle as pioneers in a wildland: the far Florida. So then, men, women and children embarked for America in eight ships. But this real story started tragically since far from finding more freedom and land, these brave Minorcans were enslaved by the doctor in a place called “The Mosquitos”. After years of hard suffering, hunger, terror and abuse, the Minorcans achieved freedom by getting the capital of East Florida, Saint Augustine, where they developed arts, culture, agriculture and an amazing sense of public life,parties and carnivals from Menorca. Admired by many artists along the XIX century , Saint Augustine became more and more proud of its Menorcan origins and rooted culture while the most ilustrious travelers wrote about its picturesque streets, beautiful squares, Mediterranean spirit and hospitality.

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julio 2024


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